Drupalcamp Muc: Munich Germany, April 26 to 28th 2019

This time as a BARCAMP

Differently than the previous camps in Munich we are organising a BarCamp.

A BarCamp is an open event format. It's purpose is knowledge transfer and open discussion including all participants.

The two event days are split into multiple parallel running slots. Each slot has a time limit.

The contents of the slots and the session plan is worked out in the morning by the participants.

Participants can propose prepared sessions, discussion or brainstormings for a topic.

With coffee and lunch breaks there is plenty of space and time for networking and socializing which is an essential aspect of a BarCamp.

Time Table:

Friday, April, 26th 2019

Splash Awards at 16:00
Separate Ticket required
Burda Verlag, Arabellastraße 23, 81925 Munich

Social Pre-Event at 19:00,
expected in cooperation with the Splash Awards

Saturday, April, 27th 2019

Start at 09:00,
Registration, agenda building, full day sessions. Around 18:00 evening event

Sunday, April, 28th 2019

Start at 10:00,
Agenda building, full day sessions. End at 16:30


Get your ticket for the Drupalcamp Munich 2019 now!

There are two ticket categories:

The regular ticket for 35,00 EUR

and a support ticket for 70,00 EUR

With the support ticket you provide further support for the camp and handle your prime cost.


Hashtags are used to give an overview of topics and interests at the camp. We'll continously update this list based on your input!

"A hashtag is a type of metadata tag ... allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashtag

Current Camp Hashtags

  • #DevOps
  • #menschen
  • #humans
  • #newwork
  • #Scaling Drupal
  • #networking
  • #Meet the people
  • #code
  • #opensource
  • #agile
  • #security
  • #maintenance
  • #Voice
  • #designthinking
  • #IoTDevelopment
  • #Infrastructure
  • #DrupalasApplicationFramework
  • #contribusiness
  • #drupal
  • #prototyping
  • #collaboration
  • #docker
  • #DevelopInTheCloud
  • #frontend
  • #scifi
  • #design
  • #BackdropCMS
  • #decoupled
  • frontend
  • #security
  • #barcamp
  • #design
  • #splashawards
  • #drupal
  • #react
  • #vue.js
  • #community
  • #AI
  • #Microservices
  • #Terraform
  • #futureofwork
  • #DigitalWorkplace
  • #DigitalTransformation
  • #performancedesign

What are your #Hashtags?

Twitter us @DrupalCampMuc

Write us: https://www.facebook.com/DUGMuc

Send us an e-mail to: mail[at]dcmuc19.drupalcamp.de


This year's Camp will take place at the MUCCA which is part of the Kreativquartier München:

Munich Center of Community Arts
Schwere-Reiter-Str. 2
80637 München

Food & Drinks

Attendees of the DrupalCamp enjoy free food (vegan) and drink (non-alcoholic) on saturday and sunday as part of their admission. For the semi-formal meetup on friday night, you'll have to provide the admission fee & beverage costs yourself.


We do our best to ensure sufficient coverage during the event.


Here you'll find a list of accommodations that may be of interest and are located around the camp. Please check the links to find a suitable location.

Hostel haus International

Elisabethstrasse 87
D-80797 Munich

Leonardo Hotel Munich City Olympiapark

Dachauer Str. 199
D-80637 Munich

SVG Mercure Olympiapark

Leonrodstrasse 79
D-80636 Munich

Das kleine Hotel in München

Sandstrasse 21
D-80335 Munich

ibis Hotel München City

Dachauer Strasse 21
D-80335 Munich


Why do we need sponsors?

A BarCamp relies on and lives by it's community.
We would like to give all the great people the chance to participate in the BarCamp. That costs money.
To keep the ticket price low and cover the expenses for room, equipment and catering we are reliant on the support with money.

As FOSS exists by the cooperation of many sponsoring is a good way to make a contribution.

All information for sponsors is accesible in our sponsor guide. Please bear with us: It's in german only currently.